Internetinės svetainės paslaugos

The main aim of the activity of the Institution is as follows: to strengthen the health of the Lithuanian residents, to improve the personal health care services, to make them suitable and available in order to decrease the morbidity and mortality. 
Fields of activity of the Institution: to organise and provide personal health care services which the Institution is entitled to provide in accordance with the Personal Health Care Licence.  

The main types of activity of the Institution implemented in accordance with the Economic Activity Classification approved by the Order No. DĮ-226 of 31 October 2007 of the Statistics Department under the Government of the Republic of Lithuania are as follows: 
personal health care activity - 86; 
general purpose hospital activity- 86.10.10; 
dental practice activity- 86.23; 
activity of social work not related to accommodation - 88; 
other personal health care activity- 86.90; 
activity of doctors specialists- 86.22; 
activity of rehabilitation hospitals - 86.10.30; 
activity of specialised hospitals - 86.10.20; 
services of paramedical personnel provided to patients outside the hospitals - 86.90.10; 
activity of blood transfusion institutions and blood banks- 86.90.20; 
activity of medical laboratories - 86.90.30; 
activity of inpatient care of mentally retarded, mental patients, patients with addiction illnesses- 87.20; 
medical science research and application tasks - 72.19.40; 
holiday and other short-stay accommodation activity - 55.20;

The Institution provides only the personal health care services specified in the Licence issued. Other activity which requires permits may be implemented only if respective permits are received under the procedure established by the legislation. 

Last updated: 12-03-2020