About us

- multi - profile institution of treatment
- in - patient and outpatient II-III level consultative services
- 36 clinical departments, 975 beds
- 9 modern operating rooms, 15,000 operations annually
- modern diagnostic and treatment technologies
- 240 000 out-patient consultations per year

The present Republican Siauliai county hospital is a nice-looking treatment complex, which has been modernized every year. The admission department situated in the central building is always busy at any time of a day, providing emergency services and determining a patient’s further treatment. Early in the morning the hospitals consultations polyclinic is ready for work. All year round the neat-looking hospital paths, underground passages joining the three principal buildings are busy with an endless movement of the hospital personnel, patients and their relatives.

Republican Siauliai county hospital provides patients with multi-profile medical care services in cardiology, pulmonology, haematology, gastroenterology, endocrinology, nephrology and infectology. The last decade witnessed the rapid development of surgery, which has reached modern standards in children’s and adults’ profiles, traumatology, urology, neurosurgery, otorhinolaringology, ophthalmonology, abdominal and plastic-reconstructive surgery operations.

Two separate clinics – Oncology and Dermatovenereology have been incorporated into Siauliai county hospital. The modern medical equipment of the hospital has become available for the medical personnel as well as their patients. Children’s diseases and Obstetrical-Gynecology clinics are especially important Siauliai hospital subdivisions.

All these clinics have large outpatient consultative units. Children’s and adults’ reanimation, rehabilitation, psychiatry specialists are an invaluable link uniting all the hospital’s personnel in their work.

Republican Siauliai hospital serves as a base of preparation for both physicians and nursing specialists. Quite a few students from Vilnius University and Kaunas Academy of Medicine undergo their first and second residency here, and college students acquire necessary skills for nursing care.

Now about 45,000 patients are treated in in-patient departments every year. An average hospital stay is 7 days. During the decade this number has decreased by half. At present the hospital has 2,159 employees, 308 of them are doctors.

On June 29, 2004 National Health Care Accreditation Service - Ministry of Health- accredited Siauliai hospital the license to provide III level health care services of the profiles:for adults-neurology nephrology, rheumatology, gastroenterology, endocrinology, abdominal surgery, urology, orthopedic-traumatology, otorhinolaringology, eyes surgery, neurology, cardiology, reanimation and intensive therapy, gynecology, dermatovenereology; for children – connatural diseases surgery, nephrology, gastroenterology, pulmonology.

The hospital has modern diagnostic radiology equipment- computer tomography, angiography, a renovated department for X-ray diagnostics, an ultrasound and endoscopy service, an accredited laboratory medical base. At the beginning of 2005 a magnetic nuclear resonance tomography started functioning.

Republican Siauliai county hospital carries out health care service restructuring plan, participates in the projects on the development of Radiotherapy and radiodiagnostic services, Mother and Child’s clinic, Medical aid for NATO soldiers and others.

Last updated: 07-12-2017